You are tough, and you know you are tough. And you can go through life being real tough……OR you can go through life being real tough…..and REAL SMART! You can be an interesting person who knows interesting things about the world we live in. You are about to enter the world of the Educated Wrestler. Who/what is the Educated Wrestler? YOU are about to become the Educated Wrestler! Just what does the Educated Wrestler know? Well, for starters the on-the-mat wrestler knows about the half nelson…..the Educated Wrestler knows about Admiral Nelson. The on-the-mat wrestler knows about losing with dignity…..the Educated Wrestler knows about the Spartan’s loss at Thermopylae. The on-the-mat wrestler knows about wrestling with opponents…..the Educated Wrestler knows about wrestling with ideas. The on-the-mat wrestler knows about the art of wrestling…..the Educated Wrestler knows about ART! And LIFE. And a bit of HISTORY. And a bit of PHILOSOPHY. Not too much…. But enough to make you an interesting person!

In this website you will also read about the education of the wrestlers at Mountainview High, which is a small high school in the small town of Central City, B.C. There were only 16 students on the wrestling team.  Coach Thomas was the wrestling coach.  In addition to being the school wrestling instructor Coach Thomas also taught English, Comparative Religion, Art History, and some science classes.  He also tried to overlap and integrate his subjects, and on the wrestling mat he would often teach the academic subjects.  He was the perfect Educated Wrestling Coach, and he wanted all of his athletes to be Educated Wrestlers.  Throughout this website you will find various links to Coach Thomas’ classroom and wrestling room instruction. You will also see various links to pages on technique, including instructional videos.